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Angie Sams Bio: In My Own Words

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I discovered my love affair with food through my grandmother’s heart and hands. Her greatest lesson in life was simply “create everything with love!” This is why cooking has become more than just a profession for me, it is truly an obsession.

Like most little girls, my foray into the world of cooking began with my first kitchen set at the age of 3, followed by an Easy Bake Oven. As I grew older, cooking lessons with my grandmother and watching my mom decorate cakes for her side job became something I looked forward to each weekend.

However it was in high school that my true interest in cooking began to peak and it was not unusual to find my best friend and I skipping classes to go home and watch cooking shows on PBS. Not realizing at such a young age that food could actually also be a lifelong profession, my dream was always to become a doctor.

So after graduating from high school, I went after my goal of becoming a physician and spent many hours studying the human body and all of its wonderful functions at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City. I also worked in a Pediatric Genetics Clinic with many influential physicians as well as the editor of the American Medical Journal of Pediatric Medical Genetics. While working and attending school I would bake lasagnas and sell them to the hospital physicians to help pay for tuition costs, and I would have never entertained the idea of becoming a chef if one of the doctors hadn’t suggested it.

After graduating with a Behavioral Health and Science Degree with a minor in Biology, I took some time to really evaluate what I wanted to do with my future and it was then that I realized having a healthy life is a gift and I could combine my knowledge of biology and the human body with my love for cooking. I decided to pack all of my belongings, leaving my family and friends, to move to Arizona to attend culinary school.

Scottsdale became my home once I arrived in the valley of the sun to attend the Arizona Culinary Institute. Soon afterwards I began my commercial culinary experience at “Sprouts” at the Camelback Inn Resort in Paradise Valley, AZ. After having a successful run in the commercial culinary environment, I chose to pursue a career as a personal chef. This decision was based on a personal passion to help families spend more time together, over healthy, tasty meals. The families I work for truly become part of my extended family and it is important to me that there are always open lines of communication.

I understand and respect that they are letting me into a very personal part of their lives, and they understand that my goal is to help them manage their time together as a family, while focusing on their health through my cooking. My personal chef positions have included prominent local families encompassing the fields of professional sports, business, and finance and government officials. Recently, I have received critical accolades for several of my recipes through Better Homes & Gardens. My signature dishes are always highly requested by my personal clients and a select few have been featured at local establishments throughout the valley.

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